Dr Elsa Du Toit

MBChB, FCPsych, MMed Psych, BSc Psychology Hons

Psychiatrist / Psigiater



Dr Paul Magni

M.B Ch.B FC Psych (SA)

Psychiatrist / Psigiater



Dr Michael S Mason

M.B Ch.B. FC Psych (SA)

Psychiatrist / Psigiater



Dr Azelle Mayne

M.B Ch.B. M.Med (Psych)

Psychiatrist / Psigiater

PR: 0151319


Anton Böhmer

B.Th M.A. Clinical Psych

Clinical Psychologist / Kliniese Sielkundige

PR: 864 1773


Monique Green

B.Occ Ther.

Occupational Therapist / Arbeidsterapeut

PR: 0224669



Sandra Hitchcock

MA Clinical SW

Family Mediator, Relationship Therapist

PR: 089 0000 277 525



Gustav Van Greunen

M.A Clin. Psych

Clinical Psychologist / Kliniese Sielkundige



Leida Heymann

M.A Clin. Psych

Clinical Psychologist / Kliniese Sielkundige

PR 0487635











An occupational therapist helps individuals manage physical, psychological or cognitive problems which are preventing them from carrying our normal everyday activities. Greater independence in work, personal management and leisure activities is thus acquired. Occupational Therapy at the Panorama Psychiatry and Memory Clinic is offered in a wide variety of diagnosis e.g. anxiety disorders, depression, memory problems and head injuries. During the first session a thorough assessment of cognitive as well as functional ability is done to determine underlying components influencing impaired functioning. A treatment plan is devised in collaboration with the individual and following sessions may involve memory strategies, anxiety management techniques, time management and improvement of concentration depending on the diagnosis of the individual. If the diagnosis is a type of dementia, compensation strategies as well as stimulating type of activities are suggested.


Sensory Intelligence


We all experience our environment through our senses in a unique way. Critical lower brain structures involved regulating sensory information is the cerebellum (movement regulation), RAS (attention) and ANS (fight/fright/flight). This intricate brain process is often an unknown and underestimated part of our daily functioning.
Some people thrive in a busy environment whereas others will escape to ordered tranquillity whenever they can. For example: A person who is sensitive to cold, harsh light and noise with a work station near the photocopier, below the air conditioner and in front of a big window is most likely to experience a great deal of additional stress (sensory overload).


The sensory matrix (questionnaire) gives a better understanding of how the brain perceives and responds to sensory information (visual, auditory, smell, touch, taste, movement) from the environment. Individuals have different thresholds (high/ medium/ low) which have an impact on behaviour, attention and emotion.

The sensory matrix was developed by Dr Annemarie Lombard, an Occupational Therapist. She completed her doctorate degree through the University of Cape Town, correlating sensory processing with performance, absenteeism and attrition in South African call centres. She specializes in sensory integration.
After attending Annemarie's 3 day workshop, I am trained to assess individuals and give applicable recommendations.

- Gaining insight into why you respond to sensory input the way you do/ being aware of what distracts you (sensory triggers)
- Helping you modulate your senses to adapt to your environment and other people
- Changing your environment to fit your sensory preferences both at home and work
- Applying self-regulation strategies as well as implementing sensory diet suggestions
- Improving your level of work performance by implementing simple strategies
- Manage and understand your relationships and team dynamics better

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