Dr Elsa Du Toit

MBChB, FCPsych, MMed Psych, BSc Psychology Hons

Psychiatrist / Psigiater



Dr Paul Magni

M.B Ch.B FC Psych (SA)

Psychiatrist / Psigiater



Dr Michael S Mason

M.B Ch.B. FC Psych (SA)

Psychiatrist / Psigiater



Dr Azelle Mayne

M.B Ch.B. M.Med (Psych)

Psychiatrist / Psigiater

PR: 0151319


Anton Böhmer

B.Th M.A. Clinical Psych

Clinical Psychologist / Kliniese Sielkundige

PR: 864 1773


Monique Green

B.Occ Ther.

Occupational Therapist / Arbeidsterapeut

PR: 0224669



Sandra Hitchcock

MA Clinical SW

Family Mediator, Relationship Therapist

PR: 089 0000 277 525



Gustav Van Greunen

M.A Clin. Psych

Clinical Psychologist / Kliniese Sielkundige



Leida Heymann

M.A Clin. Psych

Clinical Psychologist / Kliniese Sielkundige

PR 0487635











Pregnancy can be an interesting and exciting time but it can also be a challenging experience for some women. Although many women find it hard to speak about the emotional difficulties that they come across during pregnancy, it occurs surprisingly often. Literature indicates that 1 in 10 women of childbearing age suffer emotional problems that are severe enough to cause significant distress.

During the past two decades the complex interactions among psychiatric disorders and reproductive processes such as menarche, pregnancy, delivery and breastfeeding have been elucidated. This made the healthcare workers at the PPMC aware of the need of a specialized clinic where optimal assessment and care can be facilitated for females in their reproductive years with the focus on the time during and around pregnancy. The Sophia Maternal Mental Health Clinic specializes in the care of pregnant women with new or established mental illness.

Treatment of psychiatric disorders during pregnancy involves a thoughtful weighing of the risks and benefits of proposed interventions. All decisions about discontinuing, initiating, or continuing psychotropic medications in pregnant patients should be undertaken with great caution so both mother and the newborn are protected.

Dr Elsa du Toit and the rest of the team at the Sophia Clinic believe in a holistic approach that addresses all the needs of our clients. Therefore, although medication is prescribed if needed, a wide variety of non-pharmacological interventions are often used. We work in close collaboration with various healthcare providers such us psychologists, occupational therapists, family mediators, biokinethetists and doula's.
We believe that good mental health is the basis of all health for both mothers and their babies!















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